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Shakespeare is Back!

A Note from Leo: If you haven’t attended classes for Henry IV, Part One, don’t be concerned. We will re-cap the events of the first play as we head into Part Two. The next stage of Shakespeare’s tale of the Happy House of Lancaster with Falstaff, Hotspur, Henry, Hal… and Shallow, Pistol, Doll..
Leo Schaff

R.D. Scinto, Inc. is proud to announce a new series of Shakespeare classes at the Corporate 3 Auditorium with the multi-talented Leo Schaff.




Leo and 
Bob on Opening Night, June 20, 2017




Nights With Shakespeare is generously underwritten and presented FREE to the public by R.D. Scinto, Inc., one of the state’s largest real estate developers, at his corporate Auditorium located in the Shelton Corporate Park at 3 Corporate Drive, Shelton, Connecticut.

Tuesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Seating is limited and is available on a ‘first-come’ basis.
Each participant receives one FREE copy of the play. Additional copies of each play can be downloaded as PDFs from our Script Downloads page.


Julius Caesar  June 20, 2017–August 8, 2017
Hamlet  Oct. 3, 2017–April 24, 2018
Richard II  May 1, 2018–July 30, 2018
King Henry IV, Part One Oct. 2, 2018–Dec. 11, 2018
King Henry IV, Part Two May 21, 2019–


For directions with Google Maps, go here.

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Before class stop by the new Pranzo Caffé for a delicious meal.





Nights with Shakespeare 
at the Corporate Three Auditorium





“With 32 buildings totaling over 2.5 million square feet of space and an occupancy rate of nearly 98% – soaring well above national averages – I realized long ago that excellence in personal service both retains tenants and captures new ones. More than anything, this philosophy has translated into a successful business model within commercial property ownership and management.”
R.D. “Bob” Scinto
3 Corporate Drive
Shelton Corporate Park
Shelton, CT 06484